Australian Government Architecture Reference Models (v1.0)

The Australian Government Architecture (AGA) is intended to assist in the delivery of more consistent and cohesive services to citizens and support the more cost-effective delivery of Information and Communications Technology (ICT) services by government, providing a framework that:

  • provides a common language for agencies involved in the delivery of cross-agency services;
  • supports the identification of duplicate, re-usable and sharable services;
  • provides a basis for the objective review of ICT investment by government; and,
  • enables more cost-effective and timely delivery of ICT services through a repository of standards, principles and templates that assist in the design and delivery of ICT capability and, in turn, business services to citizens.

This AGA Reference Models document describes the first release (Version 1.0) of the reference models that will form the basis of a common language between agencies and structure a repository of architectural artifacts (including standards, guidelines, designs and solutions) that may be utilized by agencies to deliver an increasing range of WofG services.

The AGA Reference Models are managed by the Department of Finance and Administration, through AGIMO, in consultation with the Chief Information Officer Committee and the Australian Government Services Architecture Working Group.

Version 1.0 of the reference models was endorsed by the Chief Information Officer Committee on 5 April 2007, and contains the Service, Data and Technical Reference Models. The Performance and Business Reference Models will be progressively developed and released in future versions.

Requests and suggestions for change to these reference models should be forwarded to AGIMO at

Australian Government Architecture Reference Models [ – 2.5MB]The taxonomies for the Service and Technical Reference Models have been provided in a graphical from as mind maps. These can be downloaded in PDF or Image format.

Service Reference Models [ – 37KB] | Image Format [144KB]

Technical Reference Models [ – 16KB] | Image Format [52KB]




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