Open XML Developer Workshop Presentations

When I talk about OBA I focus a bit on open standards. From a interoperability, publishing and consumption perspective. I advocate the usage of Open XML within architectures wherever possible. By using these standards we can enable our information to be more living rather than static. Obviously you have to architect for this and you could do this before, however the open standards make it much easier to do.

Doug Mahugh is sharing with us the Open XML Developer workshop content.

Module/Topic Presentation Samples Manual
00: Open XML Architecture PPTX-00 Samples 00  
01: XML Programming in .NET PPTX-01 Samples 01 HOL 01
02: Open XML Packages PPTX-02 Samples 02 HOL 02
03: WordprocessingML Basics PPTX-03 Samples 03 HOL 03
04: WordprocessingML Advanced PPTX-04 Samples 04 HOL 04
05: Custom XML PPTX-05 Samples 05 HOL 05
06: SpreadsheetML Basics PPTX-06 Samples 06 HOL 06
07A: SpreadsheetML Advanced PPTX-07A Samples 07A HOL 07
07B: DrawingML PPTX-07B Samples 07B  
08: PresentationML PPTX-08 Samples 08 HOL 08
09: XSLT and Open XML PPTX-09   HOL 09
11: C++/CLI   Samples 11 HOL 11
Hands-on labs (source code)
Hands-on labs: C# "starter" versions download (1.47mb)
Hands-on labs: C# finished solutions download (3.17mb)
Hands-on labs: Java versions download (326K)




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