Updated: Bank Teller Composite Architecture

This release adds support for ribbons, form-skinning, various CommandAdapters and UIElements are also added, some of which extend CAB as well as offer basic support for DevExpress controls.

The BankTeller QuickStart application has also been updated to incorporate samples of the new XtraWindowWorkspace and DxMenuItemCommandAdapter.

  • Other changes of note:
  • The file structure of the release has been reorganized so that things are slightly easier to find and consistent
  • The project has been renamed from DevExpress.CompositeUI to CABDevExpress.ExtensionKit (to avoid conflicts with DevExpress’ Project Converter tool)
  • The base namespace has changed from DevExpress.CompositeUI to CABDevExpress (this will break existing code but is copy/paste job to fix)
    CAB dlls are now included as part of the release to allow for easier download-and-compile
  • The code has been cleaned up to some extent, to remove unused includes, unused variables and other anomolies






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