Enterprise Architecture Coming of Age?

I was just talking about this today on a thread internally here at MS where we were talking about EA challenges. One person commented saying; "all EA’s do is create documents". I don’t agree with this completely, there are a lot of artifacts built but if you are doing you job right there is a whole lot more going on beside being a MS Word lackey. We need to change behavior such as EA’s just building pretty models, but rather make actionable models.

Reading this article from CBR it shows that EA’s are changing from the older model not just creating word documents and Visio diagrams but are creating business impacting process flows and models that are used to actively underpin strategic initiatives.

Of the 289 enterprise architects that responded, 57% said enterprise architecture is being applied to growth and innovation initiatives.

Check out the article it has some interesting facts from a recent study by Architecture & Governance Magazine.



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