The Enterprise Mind? An in depth look at EA Tooling

This is a great starter article for folks wanting to evaluate EA tooling. I have blogged and spoke about this at conferences in the past about how EA tooling is all over the place. From what I have observed in the EA industry for over the past five or so years there is this notion of building EA organizations solely around one framework. This is simply not practical for so many reasons.

(I have represented this in a few ways in the past but I really like how they represented this, I may have to adapt this heat map type of method. With a few more data points on here it would be perfect)

The largest issue by far with EA frameworks is that they do not cover the full spectrum of EA needs. So we are left with a lot of EA Frameworks and even more home grown frameworks that are tailored to organizations that had built them.

The article called Enterprise Architecture Tools: What is in the Enterprise Mind? goes into  a concept of an enterprise mind and the tools to satisfy the needs if the enterprise mind. So check out this article, it is a great primer for EA tooling and has a high-level evaluation matrix. It is not a comprehensive matrix but it gives you some good questions to ask yourself when evaluating.

Additionally, if you are serious about evaluating EA frameworks check out the following resources:

MSDN EA Center –

How to Survive in the Jungle of EA Frameworks –







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