Enterprise Architecture is the next Hot Job

According to CIO magazine the Enterprise Architect is the next "hot job". The article in the Sept. 2007 issue walks you though why you should consider EA as a career and the skills you need to be successfully. They also give tips to employers to find you.

Just looking at the market and talking to our partners and customers it is becoming very clear. There are tons of interesting from the analyst community that also support this. Forester says that 90% of the fortune  2000 companies already have some form of an EA practice. We are also seeing a great deal of evidence in the EA tooling space where profits for these vendors are doubling year over year.

Snippet from the article:

An enterprise architect (EA) takes a company’s business strategy and defines an IT systems architecture to support that strategy, according to Jim Lanzalotto, vice president of strategy and marketing at talent and outsourcing firm Yoh. To do so, EAs must understand a company’s business and be able to dive deeply into technology issues. In recent years, the role has moved out of the banking industry to pop up all over the corporate universe as companies move to align business goals and the IT infrastructure that supports the business and helps achieve those goals.



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