Day in the Life of an Enterprise Architect

Sorry for the delay on this, there has been a lot of e-mails asking where this was at and if it was going to happen. The "Day in the Life of an Enterprise Architect" article has been complete for some time now, however got bogged down in the publishing process.

I wanted to write this article to show the complexities of this role. The day to day issues, complexities in organizational structures and the discuss the amount of soft skills required. I show that there are many ways of being successful at EA. This show us that there is not one way of performing EA. I have included some quotes from the Chief Architect here at Microsoft and a former Enterprise Architect and now Senior Executive Architect at IBM.


You can find the article at:

Summary of Article

Enterprise architecture has grown from being just a set of small pilots to being a fully sponsored and supported initiative within enterprises. With the growing demands to reduce costs, increase agility, and standardize IT environments, there has been a surge of enterprise architecture activity.

In the article I will show what an EA does and how his/her role relates to other architecture roles within the enterprise. A good way to represent architects in terms of breath and depth. By showing in this way it gives EA’s another way to communicate their role within the organization.


Please check out the article and let me know how close this is to describing your life as an EA.

There is a forthcoming article on the practice of Application Portfolio Management and how closely it aligns with EA processes as well.

Stay Tuned!

Tags: Enterprise Architecture

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