Microsoft Lending Reference Architecture V-Lab Released

I am very excited to announce that we have finally released the Virtual Lab for The Microsoft Lending Reference Architecture Version 1. I have heard from you load an clear over the past few months! We now have an Virtual Machine in the "Cloud" ready for you to examine workflows, dive into code or just play with the scenario.


Virtual Lab Start Page


Keep an eye out for future releases of the Lending Reference Architecture as we have been heads down on version 2.0 with a ton of huge additions. Version 2 will be released in the same style as with version one which will include whitepapers, source code and source code.

A compile of version 1 Lending Reference Architecture materials include:


Developing the Lending Reference Architecture

Building Sustainable Banking Architectures

Architecting Regulatory Compliant Architectures

Architecting Enterprise Loan Workflows and Orchestrations


Blog Posts

Extending the Lending Reference Architecture:

Windows Mobile Appraiser Solution Scenario:

The Lending Message Bus Gets Along with all Standards:

Unstructured Data, The Achilles Heel of SOA:

Using the Lending Reference Architecture for Commercial Lending:

OBA’s deliver SOA to the People:

Choosing a Loan Message Standard for Banking:

Web Casts

Lending webcast:

Document Generation:


Office Business Applications: Building Composite Applications with Microsoft Technologies


These are conferences where we talked about the Lending Reference Architecture

Worldwide OBA Architecture Forum

My Presentation Done Completely in Post-It Notes

Strategic Architecture Forum – Canada

My EA and OBA Sessions at TechEd 2007



We have a lot of great partners that have used either the bits or have used the Microsoft Guidance to influence the future direction of their architectures. One in particular is a gold partner in Australia called Dataract. See my post:

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