Open Group Enterprise Architecture Conference – Day 3



Unfortunately I missed a good portion of the first keynote and then had other business that needed to be taken care of at the time of the last three keynotes.

  • Of the three keynotes that I got to see today one really stood out to me. The "Unanswered Questions about the Enterprise Architect"
  • Len Fehskens, walked us through the role of an EA similar to the whitepaper I wrote on MSDN, A Day in the Life of an Enterprise Architect
  • One thing he pointed out that I agree with is that of hierarchy. Len asked the question if EA’s should be at higher authority than other architects
  • If do not thinks so, EA’s have a role. Domain Architects have a role. Each play a key role in the greater mission. I will say that to be an architect of any flavor is an acquired skill that is based on a combination of knowledge and experience.


I am heading back to Seattle later this afternoon and I would like to share my final thoughts on today’s speakers and the overall conference.

  • The customer case studies were great! I love to hear how people are dealing with EA and SOA challenges
  • I enjoyed the other sessions I went to. The only request would be, less theory and more practice. I would love to see pattern overlays over the crop circle diagram to help guide EA’s in common situations. It was mentioned that you could do it (and I have in the past) but it wasn’t really shown. Maybe that would be a great working group…
  • Overall as a Microsoft representative I was welcomed with arms wide open
  • I had some great conversations with folks at the conference, defiantly an interactive crowd
  • Met up with the ACORD guys and had some good technology discussions in the insurance space. Since ACORD was there it shows us that Open Group has ties into all manners of standards bodies.


Tags: Enterprise Architecture


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