Partner’s using the Financial Services OBA Component Library


Craig van Zeyl will be showing off how Dataract has implemented key components in the Financial Services OBA Component Library. He is specifically showing how his company has integrated the Broker Commissions functionality into their product e5.




Demo Screenshots

Below is a sneak peek at some screenshots from the 1 1/2 hour presentation on Tuesday at 4:15 – 5:30 here at ODC 2008 in the Architecture Track.

  1. Home Page – Shows the factious Woodgrove Bank Financial Services UI. e5 is implementing the site templates, web parts and OpenXML components from the component library
  2. Broker Commissions Reporting  – Server-side document generation  based on OpenXML that implement LIXI standards for the Australian lending market.
  3. Intelligent Lending Workflow – SLA driven work delivery and Real-time resource allocation that leverages Dataract’s e5 Application Configuration Framework for creating end-to-end process management solutions
  4. LIXI Web Services – LIXI Web Service generates the broker commission data from a LIXI compliant XML document


image image image


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