Insurance Messaging Framework Available

Last year I mentioned we had an Insurance Messaging Framework that focused specifically on the integration issues in insurance. Well we finally have released the bits to the public on CodePlex. In this early release of the reference framework it that allows you to dynamically create ACORD based messages to integrate into your .Net projects.

A big thank you goes out to Colin Cole from our US based insurance group who had created this framework. Colin will be showing this off at the Financial Services Developer Conference next week in NYC.


The framework provides a unique architectural approach to accomplishing this business need by abstracting the complexity. While this approach is appealing and have been attempted, they usually fails because people don’t know where to start, due the size of it’s scope, mistake prone and mistakes are expensive, usually involves a lot of foundational work that are not directly related to meeting the business needs (e.g.: using ACORD to design systems), etc. The uniqueness of our approach is we enable jump starting and organic evolution towards alignment by providing a rich set of assets/artifacts that align with industry models (e.g.: alignment to Motion insurance model) and semantic definitions (ACORD standards). We can abstract the many different policy administration system into a set of service that we can consistently use for business process composition.

Below is just a fraction of what is delivered in the framework:



To sweeten the pot, we have even included SDK-like help files that will allow you to navigate the framework with ease.



For more details look on the CodePlex and MSDN Architecture Center sites.


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