SOA Software Acquires LogicLibrary

Today I received a press release that SOA Software had acquired LogicLibrary. LogicLibrary is an architecture repository tool with great integration into many IDE tools in the market (including Visual Studio They had once had built a portal on MSDN that showed how the MSDN assets would be represented in an architecture repository.

Mike Walker Blog: LogicLibrary Architecture Repository Diagram


SOA Software says this about the value proposition that LogicLibrary provides them:

"The combination of SOA Software’s governance products, with LogicLibrary’s strategy to provide federation with other leading repositories, creates a single solution that provides unparalleled lifecycle and policy governance across all major platforms," said Alan Himler, chief executive officer and chairman of LogicLibrary. "We are excited to join forces and capitalize on our complementary capabilities by creating the most comprehensive, closed-loop Integrated SOA Governance Automation solution."

The EA and SOA tooling market is consolidating a rapid pace. I am hoping that with the consolidation that the market can mature at a more rapid rate. There is obviously a great deal of potential as larger organization combine their ability to augment and enhance their offerings to customers.

As for how Microsoft is affected by this acquisition… Well, SOA Software and Microsoft has been doing a great deal of work together recently. I do not see that changing anytime in the future.

Tags: Enterprise Architecture


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