Contrasting Solution Architecture with other Architecture Roles

I ran across this great post that takes a stab at contrasting the various architecture roles. I think Karthik Vijayakumar does a good job with the overview. See below: 

architecture role relationships

EA – Enterprise Architecture
EBA – Enterprise Business Architecture
EITA – Enterprise IT (EIT) Architecture
EITIA – EIT Information Architecture
EITAA – EIT Application Architecture
EITTA – EIT Technology Architecture
EITSIA – EIT Software Infrastructure Architecture
EITHIA – EIT Hardware Infrastructure Architecture
SA – Solution Architecture

This is topic is an area in which people in general struggle with. I am glad he put some effort in defining. I have used similar ways to articulate these roles as well. This view  gives us the relationship between these roles. I think this is important to see. I have used spider diagrams as overlays on the other roles to show how the competencies overlap.

Also, I show these how these roles are not hierarchal by viewing them in terms of breadth and depth. This type of illustration shows us the scope and context of the various architecture roles.

Thoughts / Comments?

Tags: Enterprise Architecture


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