Asian Community Unites at IASA IT Conference 2008 to build the Architecture Discipline

The International Association of Software Architects (IASA) 2nd IT Conference 2008 was the largest IT Architecture event in South East Asia with more than 30 Expert Speakers, 4 parallel different tracks and 40 architecture sessions and 590 attendees from 9 different countries.

The goal of this conference is to instill technology neutrality in government policy and standards adoption. IASA has been a recognized as a key champion for enabling this.


Gianpaolo from my team, Vittorio, PIKOM/MDEC Executive dinner and Gorgeous Geeks in action during ITARC 2008

What was interesting about this was the unity from Asian government authorities (6 representatives ) representing their government all in the effort of establishing the IT Architecture Profession thru IT Architecture Professional body like IASA.

This is showing how us that worldwide the architect profession is starting to mature and standardize.

Tags: Enterprise Architecture


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