2008 Aspiring Architect Web Cast Series


Last year we held a series of educational Web Cast series for aspiring architects. Aspiring architects are less seasoned or are developers that would like to move up the career ladder to become an architect. Often time the aspiring architect materials are used as a refresher for experienced architects as well.

Last year there were a number of activates from Microsoft around the aspiring architect. This included a new website on MSDN called SkyScrapr (www.skyscrapr.net). A number of webcasts and articles can be found there. Some of those include:

Another point of note is the Aspiring Architect Web Cast Series. Last year we had a fantastic launch with  was attended by over 1200 individuals that covered a number of strategies. The 2008 Aspiring Architect Series builds on last year’s content and covers a number of topics that are important for architects to understand. Please make sure that you have gone through the 2007 series which can be found at http://blogs.msdn.com/mohammadakif/archive/tags/Aspiring+Architects/default.aspx .


2008 Web Casts


My Team

At TechEd this year, Simon Guest, Senior Director of the Platform Architecture team was interviewed about what our team does, why it does it, who our customer is and how we deliver to the architecture community. If you are interested in learning more about what my team does for Microsoft check out the video below:

Video: Simon Guest Speaks about Architecture