Open Group SOA Ontology

The Open Group has recently released a draft version of a SOA ontology. They have been developing a formal ontology for SOA for some time now. You can find the ontology described in OWL-DL also. This should give the ontology a more complete level of description.

Open Group explains the benefits as:

1. It defines the concepts, terminology and semantics of SOA in both business and technical
terms, in order to:

  • Create a foundation for further work in domain-specific areas,
  • Enable communications between business and technical people,
  • Enhance the understanding of SOA concepts in the business and technical
    communities, and
  • Provide a means to state problems and opportunities clearly and unambiguously
    to promote mutual understanding.

2. It potentially contributes to model-driven SOA implementation. The ontology is designed for use by:

  • Business people, to give them a deeper understanding of SOA, and its use in the
  • Architects, as metadata for architectural artifacts; and
  • Architecture methodologists, as a component of SOA metamodels.

The full draft can be found here:

Tags: Enterprise Architecture


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