Microsoft Strategic Architect Forum 2008

For those interested, the 2008 Microsoft Strategic Architect Forum (SAF) will happen again this year. Each year my team organizes this conference so that top architects from around the world can get together to collaborate on key challenges in the industry. This year, it will be held in downtown San Francisco instead of back at Redmond (like all other years). The tone of the conference will still be the same with a great line up of speakers and round table discussions.

What is SAF?

I have blogged about this before you can find the post here. You can get the slides and recorded video from last years SAF.

SAF 2007 Recorded Sessions

SAF is Microsoft’s premier gathering of 350 strategic architects and other key influencers from enterprises, ISVs, and start-ups from around the globe.  Each year, SAF is an invigorating and lively event, with key technology leaders from across Microsoft sharing their vision with customers and listening closely to their business needs. 

SAF, which follows the Microsoft Professional Developers Conference (PDC) by a month, is designed to be complimentary to the PDC – SAF will dig into the strategic architectural issues posed by bringing together the various products and technologies detailed at the PDC into the solutions our customers care about most. 

More information will be forth coming.


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  1. No question that win-win is the way to go, this is how I do it for myself and the people I work with 🙂 Sadly there are bad apples everywhere, and you can only hope that they will learn one day that this is not the right way to do things. Until then, the best is to stay away from these type.


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