Architecture On-Demand Web Cast Series


The Microsoft Consulting Services Infrastructure Architects have setup a new blog that walks through and announces upcoming web casts from their team. You can find the site at:

In there words the site is set out to accomplish:

The aim of each presentation is to share our real world experience of designing and architecting core Microsoft technologies in an enterprise environment. A number of different MCS consultants will give you a high level discussion of the different architectural and design options available and provide you with a good idea of how to approach the deployment of the technology being discussed. Each presentation will look to provide information and guidance on key architectural inputs including selecting the correct solution for the environment, whether this be consolidation of services or the expansion into a branch environment, scaling of the solution to fit the target environment, server and service placement to meet both technical and systems management requirements, and considerations for network bandwidth and options for low bandwidth locations.

It looks like they will delivering some interesting web casts over the coming months. here they are:

  • 6th August 2008 – Infrastructure Architecture
  • 21st August 2008 – Core Infrastructure
  • 3rd September 2008 – Messaging
  • 17th September 2008 – Security and PKI
  • 1st October 2008 – Identify and Access Management
  • 15th October 2008 – Desktop Deployment
  • 29th October 2008 – Configuration Management
  • 12th November 2008 – Operations Management
  • 26th November 2008 – SharePoint
  • 10th December 2008 – Application Virtualization



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