Just wanted to give the readers of my blog a quick personal update. Some of you may of noticed that my postings have been a bit sparse these past few months. Thanks to those who have stuck around…

Well the first piece of big news is that my lovely wife is pregnant with twins. Yes, you heard it right, I hit the "Daily Double" (game show reference). It’s has been a busy time for me at home due to some normal but nevertheless time consuming hiccups. So many of my late night blog postings have been put on hold for a little while till things settle down and then ramp back up in a few months…

There are a few areas in which I started and will be expanding upon over the course of the next few months. These include:

  • The Enterprise Architecture Toolkit (EATK) – There has been an overwhelming response to the toolkit and will be providing more information on the toolkit which will include how to get it.
  • The Strategic Architecture Forum – I am the track owner for the Enterprise Architecture track and will be giving more updates on this as we get close.

I will be also traveling to a few industry conferences in the coming months. If anyone wants to meet up and chat while at the event I would love to have the opportunity to meet and collaborate with you on your ideas or projects.


Gartner Enterprise Architecture Summit (London, England)
I will not be presenting at this one but will be working with the folks at Infosys to show the EATK. I will be at the Infosys booth where we will talk about the Microsoft and Infosys EATK partnership.



20th Enterprise Architecture Practitioners Conference (Munich, Germany)
I will have a session here where I will be talking about changing the way architects consume and use architecture assets and guidance. More information forth coming on that session.