Want more Oslo… Here’s a sneak peek

We are less than T-3 weeks to PDC and there will be a lot more details on the new Oslo initiative. Below are some links to where the rich media will be published. Keep an eye out. I think that architects and developers will really like what we are building.

Check out the MS Channel 9 coverage:

  • "Oslo": The Language
  • A Lap around "Oslo"
  • "Oslo": Building Textual DSLs
  • "Oslo": Customizing and Extending the Visual Design Experience


    There is some existing content that can wet your appetite in the interim. If you haven’t seen the David Chappell interview it worth a watch. He goes through the value adds for developers, the process server aspects. But also goes through what architects will want, which is an architecture repository. 


    endpoint.tv – The Road to "Oslo"

    Microsoft’s "Oslo" project aims at creating a unified platform for model-based, service-oriented applications. This new approach will affect the next versions of several products and technologies, including the Microsoft .NET Framework, Microsoft Visual Studio, Microsoft BizTalk Server, Microsoft System Center, and more. Although many details of "Oslo" won’t be public until later in 2008, this session provides an overview of what Microsoft has revealed so far.


    Other Related Tid Bits

    •  VSTS Team Architect 2010 and Oslo VideoCameron Skinner, Product Unit Manager, gives us an overview of the new architecture tools coming in Visual Studio Team System 2010. Cameron tells us what types of designers his team is building, about the decision to support UML, and how this relates to "Oslo" and their modeling strategy.


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