The Numbers Behind Organizational Change

Mike Walker's Blog: Organizational Change In a fairly recent whitepaper from IBM, global services did a worldwide survey across various roles to see how difficult it is to change an organizations behavior.  The article shows some solid numbers around the friction that exists when trying to change an organization. I talk about this quite a bit but usually don’t have statistical numbers behind me, just experiences.

Obviously, this whitepaper is used as a catalyst to drive services from IBM and I am not supporting that here. However,  there is some good analysis of the space and good content in here that is going to be real valuable for folks trying to streamline their organization in these trying times today.

Clip from the article:

"The major obstacles to implementing change in an enterprise are centered on people and corporate culture. Nearly 60 percent of the executives and project managers surveyed say changing mind sets and attitudes is the biggest challenge to implementing change in an enterprise, followed by corporate culture at 49 percent. These challenges were flagged as more important than shortage of resources, highlighting that these problems are seen as inherently more difficult to solve even if given sufficient resources. "

More from the source:

Download the full IBM Institute for Business Value study (569KB)


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