John Doerr gives advice on Economy and advice on first Federal CTO

John Doerr at Web 2.0 Summit – (Credit: CNET Networks / Josh Lowensohn)

For those who are concerned about what the economic crisis means to you, then these interview with John Doerr will be very interesting to you. He provides great advice for startups in this economic climate. He talks in length how companies need to hunker down, take a long view and avoid cutting with a meat axe. He says startups need to be smart, stay focused on the core of the business and get ready for the long haul. He also offered 11 pieces of advice for companies. You can find the list in an article from ZDNet Doerr: Obama’s tech focus and how tech companies can ride the storm.  

Doerr has also addressed the announcement that Obama will be announcing a chief technology officer (CTO) to the United States. Doerr thought it was a "great idea, long overdue." I would have to agree. I think there is a great opportunity here if done right.

Below are the video interviews that talk about the following:

  1. Advice to Start-Ups on weathering the storm
  2. Economy in depth, root cause and other factors
  3. Energy and Green IT
  4. Innovation, what Doerr’s firm has funded
  5. Federal CTO


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