Extended Enterprise Architecture Framework (E2AF) Template


Mike Kavis posted a high level cheat sheet for the Extended Enterprise Architecture Framework (E2AF) on his blog today. Here is the description from his post:

I Basically took all of the topics from the E2AF matrix and built a document with bullets representing each topic. It is organized by the six key questions (Why, With Who, What, How, With What, and When) and has sub categories for each question by the four different view points (Business, Information, Information Systems, Technology Infrastructure). In Appendix A, I included several links to the website where the E2AF information can be found.  Appendix B lists all of the E2AF deliverables.

I am really happy to see Mike Kavis is making this framework more actionable. As you could probably tell from my comments from TOGAF, I see that one of the biggest issues with these frameworks is the execution angle. In general, the template that was posted could be applied to other frameworks or even homegrown efforts as well.

My only critique would be that while the template provided by Mike definitely has all the placeholders and high level areas that are needed to be addressed it will still take some time for folks to digest all the data that needs to go in those placeholders. I would suggest putting more detail around the information that needs to be gathered in each section to help new people to E2AF or any other EA discipline understand what kind of data goes into each section. Either way it’s still a great free template to use as one of the tools in your EA Toolbox.


You can download the document here as a zipped file from his post.


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