Microsoft Green Computing Commitment


There has been some really great announcements coming from Microsoft in terms of Green IT and Sustainability here in recent months. One big one is the Environmental Sustainability Dashboard.


Watch Environmental Sustainability Dashboard Demo

Top down support is coming from Steve Ballmer as today he sent out a corporate responsibility letter to the company outlining all that we are doing in this space. He says,

"Addressing global warming is a responsibility we take very seriously at Microsoft." – Steve Ballmer

You can find the details of this on a new site on called Innovating to Improve the Planet. there you will find what Microsoft is doing to be Green and help customers be Green.

There are additional activities that are happening at Microsoft to help with this problem. For one, my team. In my team, Lewis Curtis is focusing on Green IT and Virtualization. He has provided insights into this problem a bit:

The Software Enabled Earth blog is another great Green IT / Sustainability resource for news and activities from Microsoft.

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