Finally Made it to the Top


A teammate and I were chatting about search ranking and I was telling him about how I am battling it out (maybe battling out is a bit of an exaggeration) with other Mike Walker’s in the world especially the one from the National Enquirer. 

I am happy to announce I have done it! After many years of being second to Mike Walker from the National Enquirer I have finally moved up to the #1 position, but for how long. I won’t last past the next movie star scandal.

Thanks everyone that have linked to me and subscribed to my blog! 

Results 110 of about 17,700,000

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0 thoughts on “Finally Made it to the Top”

  1. Good luck on the new blog (my RSS feed has been updated) — but I hate to tell you; you’ll be losing your Google standing due to your URL move.
    Windows Live Spaces changed their URL three times; each time this affected my ratings on Google, Digg, etc.
    While your old MSDN blog’s content may still be online, it will become stale in Google’s eyes. Thus lowering your overall Google standings.
    Blake Handler – Microsoft MVP
    “The Road to Know Where”


  2. Hey Blake, I hear you on the google rankings when switching. It’s one of those sad realities. Looks like I have to start back at the beginning.
    John, your a lucky man that you don’t have to compete against football players, actors and the national enquirer! 🙂


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