Forrester 2009 EA Tools Survey

Henry Peyret compiled a great analysis on Enterprise Architecture Tool Trends for 2009. After surveying a number of enterprise architect’s he has some interesting data points. It is pretty clear that mainstream EA tools are still slowing growing in market share and applicability. You can see that current tools such as Visio and Office are still used extensively. This applies to all aspects of EA. From the survey’s I have seen from Gartner they seem to be aligned very well in their thinking here.

Here is the official description of the article:

The December 2008 Global EA Toolbox Online Survey shows slow progress of enterprise architecture (EA) tools adoption. Given the growth of EA as a practice, the slow adoption belies a change in how these tools are used. While the perception that EA tools are mainly for modeling is not completely gone, survey data suggests that it could change quickly now that EA tools can demonstrate dashboards for decision-makers and enable governance that helps facilitate faster decision-making on the most complex issues. The range of users is broadening to take advantage of these dashboards. EA teams should focus on collecting the artifacts that will generate these strategic dashboards (or simulation and analysis) to support their main business and IT objectives.



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