Infosys provides more insights into their survey around EA Tools

In the post from Mohan Babu entitled EA – Enterprise Architecture or Extreme Aggravation: Observations and musings on Enterprise Architecture Tools he provides some of his thoughts on the data gathered.
This is a great post and he shares many of the same thoughts I have about the industry as well. It’s worth the read.
Here is what he had to say:
In my previous EA blog entry, I had written about contextualizing Infosys’ Enterprise Architecture survey findings. Since then I had an opportunity to observe and reflect on an aspect of the survey: adoption – and challenges – of Enterprise Architecture Tool at a Global 500 enterprise. To set the context for the discussion, a brief extract from the survey report as it pertains to adoption of EA tools:
– There is an increased adoption of EA tools, but there is no product which has managed to dominate the market
– The EA tools market is fragmented with the vast majority of respondents claiming to use general office and collaboration tools and drawing tools (e.g. Microsoft Visio) for Enterprise Architecture Modeling

This should not surprise many of us in the industry!
During the past few years, I have worked with clients that have adopted Enterprise Architecture tools to varying degrees of success. Very few, at a considerable cost and effort, claim to achieve the utopian goal of mapping an enterprise architecture continuum in an ongoing basis (the stuff tool vendor case studies and marchitecture are made of). Why the high rate of dissatisfaction? Ask Enterprise Architects for a wish list in an EA tool and it could go somewhat like this:
– Create and manage models of the Enterprise Architecture
– Support Business Architecture requirements (BPMN, BPML etc)
– Maintain traceability among elements of the EA
– Publish standards and manage exceptions to standards
– Manage requirements
– Manage the existing portfolio of systems (the EA realized)
– Manage requests for architecture work
– Track changes to the Enterprise Architecture
– Communicate the Enterprise Architecture to multiple audiences
– Publish policies, principles, procedures and methods
– Report on the Enterprise Architecture to management
– Allow architects and managers to simulate the effects of change

You can find more at the Infosys EA blog:

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0 thoughts on “Infosys provides more insights into their survey around EA Tools”

  1. Mike, Thanks for the comments and references to the survey. Though it has been a while since the survey was compiled – and another iteration followed – the responses are still valid.
    Use of EA tools continues to be the holy-grail of EA.


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