It’s official, ArchiMate version 1.0 under the control of the Open Group will be released at the London event in a week. It looks like that is when all the materials will be released publicly online.

Press Release:

ArchiMate NEW Home Page:


If you are a follower of my blog you will see that I have been watching ArchiMate for some time now. I am very excited that this has been embraced in a larger standards body and am looking forward to it’s growth and maturity.

Right now ArchiMate snaps nicely with the B. Business Architecture, C. Information Systems Architecture, and D. Technology Architecture. But there is more coverage needed across the ADM and detailed aspects of phase B, C, and D.



I sat in a great overview session of ArchiMate yesterday from Remco Blom at BiZZdesign where they talked through a lot of this and showed how extensible the standard is. I do hope that they share the webcast to everyone.

One area they focused on was “ArchiMate +” which is what you can do to extend Archimate. See the example below:




There was also a thread on Nick Malik’s blog regarding a potential conflict between UML and ArchiMate. I commented on this thread but as of right now it isn’t showing. It may not of been approved yet. But the reader digest version of it is that I think the there is no conflict as ArchiMate is all about the macro-level modeling whereas UML and other standards like it are about the micro-level modeling details. They are complementary in that sense. Could there be overlap, sure. But I think it is up to the architect to draw the line where he/she wants to stop as far as modeling abstraction is concerned. The only area I do see potential conflict is with MDA/MOF, but frankly I haven’t seen a whole lot of uptake of that lately. Personally, I am not a big fan of MDA but rather more of the loosely coupled MDD approaches that allow for multi-views and viewpoints.


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