New IASA articles from Board Members

Reuse and Extensibility Through Frameworks, Phanish Chandra, Member IASA Editorial Board
One of the goals of software development for commercial use is ‘reusability’. Reusable code is
compiled into a library or subroutine and distributed so that it can be reused in multiple projects or in
multiple scenarios.

Reuse and Extensibility Through Frameworks, Amit Bhagwat, Member IASA Editorial Board
Amit Bhagwat wrote this article as a primer for circulation within a process management interest group. This was also the year that he first ventured into detailing Enterprise Architecture Maturity, a journey that took him through first internal review within a major (multi-billion) public sector program in 2006, appraisal of a government department in 2007, invitation to share his approach with the CMMI User Group later that year, work on achieving “benchmarkability” in the EA assessment space through 2008, and keynote at the Architecture Practitioners’ Conference in Glasgow, the same year. He completed the BEAM (Benchmark for Enterprise Architecture Maturity) specification toward end of 2008 and has addressed a number of special interest groups on the subject since.

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