CEO’s Embracing YouTube

I ran across an interesting article in the New York Times entitled, "The C.E.O., Now Appearing on YouTube". It is really refreshing to see how Zuirch Financial Services has embraced these newer social technologies to create value in their business. This not only shows how to get creative in these uncertain economic times but also shows how to embrace the right technologies for the right job.

The chief executive James Schiro has created a YouTube channel for the company that documents his road show across the globe.

An example of this below:

James outlines the following benefits to using this method of communication:

  • Lower costs in communications (the non-private ones that is)
  • Embracing the mediums that younger generations prefer and ultimately relate to
  • Tied to the bullet above, there is a hope to draw in talent into the company as well by showing the progressiveness of the company
  • Demonstrate how to communicate without PowerPoint

There are some other great topics discussed in the article around leadership. The interview is worth the time to read.


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