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Mike J. Walker is internationally known as an expert in enterprise architecture. Walker’s insights are sought-after at major events worldwide. Events range from industry events in Financial Services to authorities in architecture like Gartner EA summits and The Open Group Practitioner conferences.  Additionally, he has delivered keynote speeches for conferences and events on five continents.

Executive Briefings

Walker has spoken to over 100 companies through executive briefings. These fortune 1000 companies request proven guidance from experts in the industry. Walker is highly tuned to speaking with top executives such as, Chief Executive Officer’s, Information Officer’s, Financial Officer’s, and Operations Officer’s. Through these briefings, he has aided in technology strategy, dissection of problem sets to derive to executable solutions and the orchestration of product sets in a meaningful way.


  • Gartner Enterprise Architecture Summits
  • Open Group Architect Practitioners Conferences
  • Microsoft Strategic Architecture Forums
  • ACORD / LOMA Conferences (Insurance)
  • Financial Service Technology Consortium (FSTC) Enterprise Architecture
  • Financial Services Developer Conferences
  • Mortgage Bankers Association MISMO Conferences
  • LIXI Technology Summit (AU Lending Standards)
  • IFX Forums (Banking)
  • Microsoft TechEd’s
  • Microsoft Professional Developer Conferences (PDC)

Regional Architecture Summits include:

  • Japan, Australia, New Zealand, China, Finland, Spain, England, Ireland

You can find some of his presentations on SlideShare:

  View mikejwalker's profile on slideshare

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0 thoughts on “Public Speaker”

  1. Hi Mike, I’m planning an executive corporate event in Chicago in June w/15-20 architects & designers in attendance. I’m looking for a public speaker for the event. Are you interested/available or could you recommend someone? Thx
    Mike Frasier


  2. Dear Mike
    I am head of Corporate Strategy for FNZ Limited, one of the largest providers of retail custody solutions for life/pension and asset managed firms in the UK, Australia and NZ. We are an integrated IT services and investment services outsourcing group dedicated to Microsoft application server. We are about to embark on a new journey for our architectural design, likely to involve introducing in part or full a service oriented architecture as well as a solutions architecture group that can support the evolution of our platform solutions.
    As you are far away from our operational HQ which is in London/Edinburgh, I would doubt that you would be available to speak to the group for its kickoff meeting likely to be held around this topic in a few months, but I would be keen to have an introduction to another member of the Architecture Strategy Team based in the UK or even Australasia so that I could reach out to them and see if they can perhaps find the time to participate.
    We are something of, in my view, a poster child for Microsoft in the pensions/savings investment and administrative arena, which as you know is going though teutonic changes.
    Look forward to hearing from you.
    Roger Portnoy


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