Mike J. Walker has written and been featured in online and print articles, books and trade publications. IT luminaries have published his quotes and referenced his ideas in articles and books such as, “Microsoft 2.0: How Microsoft Plans to Stay Relevant in the Post- Gates Era”, where he is named as a key thought leader at the Microsoft Corporation. His works have been featured in media outlets such as:,,,, and has been demonstrated in keynotes by Bill Gates at industry events.


Online Publications

  1. Business and Infformation Architecture Proven Practices
  2. Cloud Strategy and Planning Series
  3. Pragmatic Approach to Describing Solution Architectures
  4. Architecture in Turbulent Times
  5. A Day in the Life of an Enterprise Architect
  6. Synergies between Enterprise Architecture and Application Portfolio Management
  7. Architecting Regulatory Complaint Banking Architectures
  8. Building Interoperable Insurance Systems with .Net 3.0
  9. Building Sustainable Banking Architectures
  10. Architecting Enterprise Workflows and Orchestrations
  11. Building the Loan Origination Framework
  12. The Banking Integration Factory
  13. Application Architecture Guide 2.0

Print Publications
Architecture Journal 19 & 20
Mike Walker Architecture Journal

Nikkei Systems
Mike Walker Nikkei Article

Press and Analysts
Microsoft 2.0: How Microsoft Plans to Stay Relevant in the Post- Gates Era

Windows in Financial Service Magazine

Nekkei Systems Magazine 05-2008 (Online) 

The Lending Services Hub (Gartner 2008)

Banks must Redesign their Lending Systems (Gartner 2008)

Microsoft Watch – “put real substance between Microsoft business intelligence and SOA strategies” – Joe Wilcox



0 thoughts on “Publications”

  1. Hi Mike,
    I was wondering you you could include a link to our site’s main page on your blog’s main page anchored with the text IT Governance?
    If you need some material for a story, you can find a story here where we have been appointed the lead distributor for ITIL in the States.
    If you could do this we would appreciated it.
    Additionally, I notice you are an author on enterprise architecture books. We, IT Governance, are a specialist publisher in the fields of IT governance, enterprise architecture and best practice. So if you have any ideas for books, we might be interested in publishing them. Please let me know.
    I hope to hear from you shortly.
    Best Regards,
    Jamie Titchener
    IT Governance Ltd


  2. Mike,
    Looking at some old posts on your blog, I ran across this one that still interests me.
    A little background…
    I’m part of a 8 10 person archtiecture team for a large company in the energy industry. I think EATK may be just what the doctor ordered to structure and organize our EA artifacts and processes within our MS-centric intranet and collaboration environment. Over a year ago we were looking for downloads etc of the package but never found any.
    Recently we are using a UML tool called Enterprise Architect from a company called Sparx Systems to sovle the problem with a light weight EA repository tool.
    Our overall objective is to manage EA content consistent with the TOGAF 9 metamodel and share the information in context as painlessly as possible. What would be required for us to get a look at EATK (commitments costs etc.) if possible at all?


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