Ran across an interesting piece of work out of Intel Corp. The IT Capability Maturity Framework trys to take a stab at a common problem. What attracted me to this framework was the business oriented approach this framework takes. But after digging through their site I was hungry for more information. I couldn’t find much more information besides a high level explanation. They do have a sample assessment out there that give you a better idea of the framework.

From IT-CMF Website:

From the synthesis of leading academic research, proven industry best practices and Intel’s own experience in transforming the Intel IT organisation, Intel developed the IT Capability Maturity Framework (IT-CMF). Based on the lack of existing frameworks and the huge appetite from other top Business and IT executives for such an approach, Intel has decided that the best way to further develop and disseminate the IT-CMF, its associated tools and practices is to have it included as part of IVI’s research and education agenda.

The IT-CMF consists of four integrated strategies:

Managing the IT Budget
Managing the IT Capability
Managing IT for Business Value
Managing IT like a Business