CAEAP just released their Enterprise Architecture Doctrine

The Center for the Advancement of the Enterprise Architecture Profession (CAEAP) just released their Enterprise Architecture Doctrine which is a set of principles that govern enterprise architects that follow CAEAP.

Facts of the Doctrine:

  1. This is a Doctrine not an Oath. The title is chosen carefully “Enterprise Architecture Doctrine”; in the purest sense.
  2. The Doctrine is about values and principles for the Practice of Enterprise Architecture and Profession of Enterprise Architecture. This is not “about” ethics (that is covered separately in the Enterprise Architects Oath)
  3. You, the community own this document, not CAEAP, it is not about CAEAP!
  4. This is a living document, revisions will evolve based on organized feedback and governance
  5. This is vehicle to develop consistent behavior and as well a symbol of unity
  6. The core team invested many hours on this journey. All of us learned from this experience and benefited from collaboration

Pre-review the EA Doctrine can be found here:



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