MEGA Adapting to Economic Times, Implements Try before you Buy

An interesting move from MEGA where they have created what they call the EA Pilot Program. Essentially they are providing the a shrink wrapped EA package of consulting and the MEGA software suite (how much of it is TBD) to enterprises that want to kick start their EA efforts. 

This isn’t only a great idea for MEGA to get their foot in the door, but I think it can also be a good thing for enterprises as well. Here are some of my initial thoughts on the benefits for enterprises.

  • Takes the Proof of Concept (POC) activities to the next level
  • Provides a very real deadline to motivate architects to use the tool and generate results
  • Can leverage the "try before you buy" model with a much smaller cost, time and risk footprint
  • Will be able to get in front of cultural, people and maturity issues with a pilot. Such as:

    • Can provide a baseline to see if the enterprise has an appetite for an EA Tool. If so you can continue. If not, you have some great data points that you can carry forward through another toolset.
    • Will gain a better understanding of the tool that can drive out better requirements for the actual rollout to the enterprise.
  • Provides a hosted solution that will speed up implementation time of the tool so architects can get started right away

See press release below:

London – June 10, 2009 – MEGA, the company that provides enterprise architecture (EA) and business process analysis (BPA) software solutions, is launching an EA Pilot Package to provide a fast start to EA and other IT-related projects.

The EA Pilot Package is offered in the UK. It consists of a six-month license rental of the MEGA Modeling Suite, plus ten days of consultancy services for a fixed price of £12,500. It will benefit enterprise architects, IT directors, and other IT professionals engaged in EA strategy, IT and business alignment, IT planning, application portfolio management, process optimisation, and SOA development.

"Today, businesses are experiencing many changes and are increasingly cost sensitive. This special program can help enterprises jump start an EA initiative to consolidate assets and plan for the future," said Ludovic Relandeau, Vice President, UK Operations, MEGA. "The EA Pilot Package is a low-cost way to help them quickly gain the benefits of MEGA’s industry-leading modelling and analysis solution."

MEGA is the industry’s foremost expert on EA. The company was named by Forrester as a leader in its 2009 report, The Forrester Wave™: Business Process Analysis, Enterprise Architecture (EA) Tools, and IT Planning, Q1 2009. The MEGA Modeling Suite offers a unique, comprehensive solution that encompasses all dimensions of EA, from strategy and business modelling to IT systems design and data modelling.

The EA Pilot Package includes all administrative and product modules in the MEGA Modeling Suite. Details on these can be viewed on the MEGA web site.

MEGA’s consultancy services are based on nearly twenty years of expertise in EA and BPA. The ten days of services included in the EA Pilot Package cover training and support, project-focused mentoring, assistance with standards and preferences set-up, pragmatic approaches to configuration and project specifications, and the sharing of best practices.

A fully hosted option is available to help eliminate any local infrastructure impact or cost. In addition, any permanent licenses purchased within a year of the conclusion of the rental phase will benefit from a 25% discount off list price.

The EA Pilot Package is being launched today at the Enterprise Architecture Conference Europe 2009 (EAC) where MEGA is exhibiting, and will be available until 31 July 2009. For more information, visit the EA Pilot Package web site.

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0 thoughts on “MEGA Adapting to Economic Times, Implements Try before you Buy”

  1. This is great news. So many enterprises buy these tools to find out that they just don have the process or the governance to maintain and re-use the content, and so the ‘tool’ gets blamed. This is about tool vendors moving to the next level of service, where they actually get involved in help an enterprise to use tools properly and sutainably.


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