Microsoft Manufacturing Toolkit, based on BizTalk & SQL Server

Mahesh Punyamurthula provides us details on the new Microsoft Manufacturing Toolkit. This is a project that came to fruition after nearly a year worth of effort. The release is really exciting for me as I was the Program Manager/Developer Evangelist for the project (my first at Microsoft), driving the efforts from the Global Partner Technical Team, within Developer & Platform Evangelism (DPE) Division at Microsoft. The Toolkit is based on BizTalk and SQL Server.

The Microsoft Manufacturing Toolkit is a set of guidance documentation and working code samples that demonstrate the use of the Microsoft platform to build publish/subscribe (“pub/sub”), services-based architectures utilizing open standards for broad industry implementation. The toolkit focuses on the MIMOSA and OPC/OPC-UA organization specifications, and the working code samples demonstrate scenarios that might be implemented in a manufacturing environment. The design of the toolkit is flexible and built on service oriented architecture (SOA) allowing it to be expanded to cover more standards than the ones covered now in the future.

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