Open Group SOA Governance Framework

The Open Group SOA Governance Framework provides context and definitions to enable organizations to understand and deploy SOA Governance. It describes SOA Governance; defines an SOA Governance Reference Model (the SGRM) and its constituent parts; and defines the SOA Governance Vitality Method (SGVM), which assists an organization in customizing the SGRM to realize its customized SOA Governance regimen.


Open Group Governance Framework - Governing Processes

This generic reference model for SOA governance is provided as a standard, to be used by companies to create (and constantly monitor and update) their own specific governance model and best practices. The SOA governance framework may be used in the context of another governance framework, such as COBIT or ITIL; the SOA working group did a mapping of COBIT to this framework as part of the framework development process, and plan to do more in the future in order to help organizations preserve their investment in COBIT/ITIL training and implementation.

The SOA Governance Framework will be available here for free download:



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