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A good friend of mine Diego Dagum just published the latest Architecture Journal some time back. I am just now getting to reading it. It's a great issue and would recommend taking a look. Great work to all the authors!

To download the full pdf go to the http://www.architecturejournal.net or you can get updates on the Architecture Blog (RSS) at Microsoft 


Design Considerations for Software plus Services and Cloud Computing

By Jason Hogg et al. 
Design patterns for cloud-computing applications.


Model-Driven SOA with “Oslo”

By César de la Torre Llorente 
A shortcut from models to executable code through the next wave of Microsoft modeling technology.


An Enterprise Architecture Strategy for SOA

By Hatay Tuna. 
Key concepts, principals, and methods that architects can practically put to work immediately to help their organizations overcome these challenges and lead them through their SOA- implementation journey for better outcomes.


Enabling Business Capabilities with SOA

By Chris Madrid and Blair Shaw 
Methods and technologies to enable an SOA infrastructure to realize business capabilities, gaining increased visibility across the IT landscape.


Service Registry: A Key Piece for Enhancing Reuse in SOA

By Juan Pablo García-González, Veronica Gacitúa-Décar, and Claus Pahl 
A strategy for publishing and providing facilities to access services information.


How the Cloud Stretches the SOA Scope

By Lakshmanan G and Manish Pande. 
An emerging breed of distributed applications both on-premises and in the Cloud.


Event-Driven Architecture: SOA Through the Looking Glass

By Udi Dahan. 
Looking back on the inherent publish/subscribe nature of the business and how this solves thorny issues such as high availability and fault tolerance.


Is SOA Being Pushed Beyond Its Limits?

By Grace Lewis. 
Challenges for future service-oriented systems. 
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