SharePoint 2010 Overview and What’s New

SharePoint_2010_Ribbon1  SharePoint_2010_Silverlight

I am not sure when they are releasing more details to the general public but here is a link to the Sneak Peak video that highlights the features communicated before the conference. This session is more of a 101 or lap around the SharePoint 2010 product holistically. This builds on the keynote presentation earlier today.


Capability Wheel

Arpan Shah’s presentation was demo based to illustrate out of the box features. On the first demo it was pretty clear the line is being blurred between the capabilities of wiki’s and the office clients. Arpan made several comments saying if you can do it in Word you can do it in SharePoint.

The Silverlight web part was shown but not a whole lot of detail was given. You can find some screenshots up on the SharePoint development center wiki:

Social Network

The social connections looks very interesting. Enterprise wiki’s will have themes and workflows. Wikipedia for the enterprise. Microsoft looks like it has caught up with the Web 2.0 world with tag clouds, folkonimies combined with the power of the structured taxonomy.

The demo of the wiki showed how you can copy over content from wikipedia and preserves all the formatting from the original source. You can also augment this by using the social components of SharePoint such as ratings, workflow, TOC, etc.

  • Notes: you can add notes to pretty much anything in SharePoint. they showed how to add notes to My Sites and to documents.

The user interface is very intuitive and promotes social computing. The blogging features which builds on a combination of the client story with Windows Live Writer plus the server side which SharePoint has stepped up a great deal. There was a demo of embedding a excel chart that does live updates using AJAX. There is a ton of AJAX in SharePoint 2010. This not only means it will perform fast but will be visually appealing as it will reduce a lot of the annoying page refreshes.

Internet publish is just as straight forward as it is for internal publishing. In the demo the Arpan shows us how to insert an Audio / Video web part. Really slick. Anything you can do in SharePoint Designer today you can do on the web.

Some new SharePoint Video Streaming – Share-Tube???

  • Bit throttling
  • Look Ahead – Builds intelligence into the video streaming to allow users to easily jump ahead in published videos.

Search has greatly improved as it’s scope isn’t just SharePoint but can go across LOB systems and metadata/tags. It’s got a very Bing feel to it. It’s got phonetic search and wildcard search. The tag cloud can be plugged in anywhere.

There was a mention of a Mashup tool to support composite style architectures but no demo or information was given. I am looking forward to seeing what this is. There was a lot of work done on my old team at Microsoft on this with the SahrePoint Composer

Visio Services

Visio Services can surface diagrams that are connected to backend services that can display KPI’s real-time. Some level of interaction is allowed here. Will find out more in the Visio session. 

SharePoint 2010 Visio


Business Connectivity Services (BCS)

Another big item is the new BDC, Business Connectivity Services (BCS).

bcs-externallist   SharePoint2010BCS2

The big highlights with the BCS is that is allows for read/write enabled integration. BCS will create all of the CRUD + Enumeration operations automatically. A feature that was lacking in the BDC in SharePoint 2007 product. Earlier in the keynote a demo was shown where the BCS connected to a data source with contact information. This information was then connected to Outlook and was displayed seamlessly into a contact pane. From there they showed it you update the contact as if it where in you exchange account. Visually you would never know. Another demo that was very interesting was connecting a chart to multiple sources via BCS.

There was more references to Metadata Services can track taxonomies across your entire SharePoint implementations. This is really useful over the 2007 implementation as we can centralize all metadata and taxonomy definitions. I would really like to see the architecture behind this as it could be a huge feature!


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