SharePoint Conference Keynote

Here are my VERY rough notes from the keynote. Blogging from my mobile since the wifi was cut off.

In general I am amazed with the volume of people and the excitement.

Key Themes
– What does SharePoint do? Everything… Microsoft’s Swiss Army Knife
– A great deal of refinement of the platform and key capabilities.
– Cloud computing and S+S
– Better development story
– Business empowerment

– Rizzo kicked off with highlights
– Conference nearly doubled
– SharePoint public beta sometime in November
– Same themes around connectivity across devices with the addition of cloud
– Refactored the SharePoint capability wheel into true capabities to: sites, composites, content, search, insights, communities.
– Composites and RAD is to enable business to create SharePoint applications.
– I am happy to hear about the open standards support such as REST, ATOM, JSON, etc
– Steve mentioned the painful and combersome development story of the past
– Visual Studio 2010 beta 2 avail.
– VS 2010 makes SharePoint 2010 a first class citizen
– Visual web parts now avail. !
– Developer dashboard that brings great diagnostics for developers
Consolidated 20 unique steps in code promotion by automating in VS 2010

– Balmer back up talking about Cloud
– talking a great deal about public facing. Craft was used as an example. Craft is part of the Top 1000 sites list, consolidated 200 websites, saves 2 million.
– Tom Rizzo back up to talk about SP for Internet sites.
– End user empowerment for web publishers and marketing
– One click page layout is really slick that is very simular to how PowerPoint change themes.
– SharePoint web publishing now has the ribbon in the web interface. What is really useful about this is that All objects on the page are made context aware in the ribbon. Rizzo showed this by clicking on the media player that changed the ribbon automaticly.
– Silverlight integration much better
– New media browser based on Silverlight.

– Balmer back up talking about the SharePoint SKU’s
– WSS now renamed to SharePoint Foundation
– Governance talked about in the Q&A. Rizzo talked about the throttling features from a software. Ballmer pitched SharePoint online to centrualize
– SharePoint connectors for Mac are being shipped in Office for Mac SP2.

– Visio services annonced
– SharePoint & Excel PowerPivot
– Wiki style publishing with built-in intellisense
– Managed folders allow for easier uploading of content from your local drive in publishing scenarios.

SharePoint Conference Keynote


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