Forrester: Mapping out Your Organizations Road to SharePoint Success Session

This was a great session that talked more about setting the expectation of what SharePoint really is, a Application Services Platform.

Great quote:

There isn’t one role but it takes a “village” of people to make it happen.


Making SharePoint Implementations Successful

In the presentation he went through the many roles it takes to successfully deploy a SharePoint platform. Thus, you must organize to capitalize. Below are the key roles needed:

  1. Operations Manager
  2. Solutions Architect (This is more of an EA role)
  3. Network Analyst
  4. Security Analyst
  5. Librarian and records manager (I think of this more as an Information Architect)
  6. Human Factors / UI Designer (I would call this UX Engineer or User Experience Designer)
  7. Community Leader
  8. Application Architect (Deep architect resource that know the bolts of SharePoint very well)
  9. Collaboration Manager
  10. Other IT Roles


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