IASA Group releases Certified IT Architect Professional (CITA-P)

IASA has released another competing architecture certification to the industry. IASA has spent 7 years developing this program with industry experts all around the world. You can find a great deal of details in their program overview along with their detailed certification presentation

Below is a summary from their certification website:

IASA is using its 250 item Skill Set library, The CITA (Certified IT Architect) Certifications provide a consistent and reliable body of knowledge for IT Architects. In fact, IASA delayed the launch of an IT Architect Certification from its conception in 2004 until 2009 because the creation of that body of knowledge was key. Without a body of knowledge that can be used to certify an IT Architect, certification has no professional value. It took IASA to almost 5 years to construct a rich body of knowledge and to launch the certification.

The diagram below illustrates the IT Architecture body of knowledge: the IT Architecture Foundation pillars (Design, Quality Attributes, Human Dynamics, Business Technology Strategy and IT Environment) and the 3 IT Architecture Specialization (Software, Infrastructure and Information).




0 thoughts on “IASA Group releases Certified IT Architect Professional (CITA-P)”

  1. I’ve read the certification presentation and I understand the motivation for putting a benchmark in place, but I’m undecided on the program itself. It seems to be covering a lot of ground (“IT architecture”) but I’m not sure how useful this is. What are your thoughts on it?


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