My New Position at Intellectual Ventures

As you may have seen from my twitter posts, I have moved on from Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Louisiana to other business opportunities. I thank BCBSLA for all the friendships and the ability to lead their Enterprise Architecture team.

Today, I joined with a company called Intellectual Ventures based in Seattle, WA. Similar in my other roles in Enterprise Architecture, I will be leading architecture efforts for this company. Here I will be working for the CIO to engage in a number of exciting projects that I am eager to participate.

Recently, my new CEO (Nathan Myhrvold) appeared on Fareed Zakaria’s show “GPS” on CNN. It’s a great video that provides an overview into the company and about the inventions around global warming issues.

For more information on my new company go to and for more information on the inventions themselves there is a blog dedicated to our climate science inventions and it includes whitepapers and images at


0 thoughts on “My New Position at Intellectual Ventures”

  1. Congratulations Mike on the new venture. Because I only saw you speak briefly once while you werre at BCBS and spent an enjoyable half hour looking at some of the highlights of your career and blog posts, I have the strange sense that I just walked in on a great movie (insert your favorite movie here)in the last five minutes. Sorry we didn’t get a chance to meet but hope you will give let us know if you decide to visit us here again in the Bayou State. Intellectual Ventures gain is definitely our loss.
    Good luck and Geaux saints.


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