vs Windows Azure – From Setup to Hello World

Lately I have been doing an evaluation of Cloud Platforms from a variety of providers. I ran across this interesting video that walks through the setup process and the creation of a simple hello world web application from beginning to end. 

The configuration, setup and provisioning steps are often overlooked and it was really good to see someone put this together.  

Take a look, I think you will be surprised.

I tried to look for a similar comparison to Amazon, Google and IBM but came up short. If anyone has these I would really like to see a balanced evaluation across the cloud providers. 


0 thoughts on “ vs Windows Azure – From Setup to Hello World”

  1. C’mon, mike. This is propoganda for Force. We both know that people aren’t deploying HelloWorld to the cloud.
    If you did the same for a more complex app, you’d see the timing reversed. If for example, you take an existing app that runs on say ASP.NET MVC with SQL as a backend, and then want to port it to Azure, you’re done in a couple of minutes. Going to, it’ll probably take a few weeks to port the code, and a few more days to recreate the tests.


  2. With the launch of there is less of an argument for the view that code (in this case java) cannot be reused/ported to
    I also think that the video is meant to be tongue-in-cheek and provocative…


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