If there was one standard that I believe has high value in maturing it is IEEE 1471. It is the underpinning behind how we describe our architectures. Unfortunately, there is little momentum behind this but we are now seeing incremental movement on it. As we talked about in 2007 in the post, Architecture Modeling – IEEE 1471 has been adopted by ISO there was adoption by ISO but there has been somewhat radio silence.

Now in May of this year, IEEE 1471 has continued efforts to be incorporated by ISO as ISO/IEC 42010:2007 and is now communicating some of it’s revised goals.

For those that are not familiar with IEEE 1471 it is the standard for describing architectures. It provides a meta-model that illustrates the relationship of information.

The new joint revision goals:

  • Widen the scope of application from software-intensive systems to general systems architecture (including enterprise architecture);
  • Harmonize with the ISO systems engineering (ISO 15288) and software engineering (ISO 12207) life cycle processes; and
  • Produce common vocabulary to align terms and concepts with other ISO architecture efforts, including RM-ODP (ISO 10746) and GERAM (ISO 15704).

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