MEGA annonces TOGAF and Business Architecture Offerings

Over the past few weeks MEGA an enterprise architecture (EA) tools provider, has recently announced  MEGA for the TOGAF framework and Business architecture solutions. I wanted to raise awareness of this update as a news item rather than an endorsement of the product. 

MEGA promises users that they can choose to begin an EA project using MEGA for TOGAF, then move seamlessly to a wider implementation using MEGA Process (BPMN Edition) and MEGA Architecture. It seems as if these announcements are aligning business architecture with the technology/solution architecture centric TOGAF. 

MEGA says they will aid TOGAF practitioners in these ways:

  • Ensure EA project success by following the comprehensive Architecture Development Method (ADM).
  • Facilitate project communication to all stakeholders with the collaborative development of TOGAF 9 deliverables.
  • Customize the implementation of TOGAF and ensure all projects deliverables are aligned.
  • Build current and future state transition architectures and compare them.
  • Identify, document, and publish technical reference models.

MEGA also communicates the value proposition to business architects as well:

  • assess and streamline major investments
  • improve customer information management
  • consolidate post-merger, post-acquisition business units and product lines
  • incorporate outsourced and partner solutions
  • conform to compliance and audit requirements


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