Over the past few weeks Microsoft has released a series of new guidance in their Microsoft Operations Framework (MOF). Those releases have both been in the form of betas and full releases. 

For those that do not know what MOF is, it is essentially ITIL lite. It is made up of a series of light weight checklists and templates to help make more sophisticated service management frameworks such as ITIL much more actionable. 

MOF Release Information

The MOF/Microsoft products companion guides bridge the gap between high-level service management processes and real-world application by clearly outlining how to apply MOF concepts using Microsoft products. The best practices outlined in this guidance will help facilitate collaboration between IT process and IT technology professionals, and make it easier to achieve improved service management outcomes in a timely manner.

Diagrams of MOF Management Reviews, which summarize the concepts outlined in the corresponding guide, are intended to help organizations ensure that their IT services are on track to deliver expected value. The colorful graphics logically put the goals, process flow steps, key terms, outcomes/metrics, and role types of each management review into context. The visual representations provide the knowledge to help management set goals, evaluate progress, and confirm results.

The reliability workbooks present hands-on tasks that you can fine tune to meet the goals of your organization and the technologies that you use.