Free ArchiMate Modeling Tool – Archi

If you follow my blog you will see that I am very hopeful of the future of ArchiMate. There is a great deal of potential here. I wrote a post entitled ArchiMate – The Emerging Architecture Modeling Standard that provides some insights into the standard and it’s origins.

If you are not familiar with ArchiMate it is an open and independent Enterprise Architecture modeling language that supports the description, analysis and visualization of architecture within and across business domains. ArchiMate is one of the open standards hosted by The Open Group and is based on the IEEE 1471 standard.

There is exciting news that there is a free open sourced ArchiMate tool out that is seeing quite a bit of adoption. Now at 1.5.1 and soon approaching 1.6 later this month it provides a low cost and low barrier to entry for organizations to accelerate architecture modeling efforts.

Archi is targeted toward all levels of Enterprise Architects and Enterprise Modelers. It is intended to provide a low cost to entry (i.e. free) solution to users who may be making their first steps in the ArchiMate language or who are looking for a fully-featured, professional cross-platform ArchiMate modeling tool for their company or institution. Archi more than adequately fulfills the needs of Enterprise Architects and associated stakeholders








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