Microsoft Solutions Framework (MSF) recognized by The Open Group’s ITAC as valid Architecture Framework

imageFor all of you out there that use or embrace the Microsoft Solutions Framework (MSF)  there is some good news for you. Today The Open Group officially confirmed that the MSF meets all criteria to be recognized as a valid IT Architecture method and is now listed and available to all architects that want to pursue ITAC certification.

This is a very interesting move for the Open Group as MSF originated as a variant of an SDLC process at the development (i.e., Solutions) level. The same is true for RUP. One could say, however, that you can use these methods for EA by abstracting them up for that purpose. Even though I have no issues with MSF as a SDLC process I do believe that it is primarily for software development and not for enterprise architecture.

You can find more information about OpenGroup-recognized IT Architecture Methods here.


List of Recognized Methods


Allstate Architecture Standards and Methods (AASM)

BearingPoint Configure To Fit Method

BearingPoint Methodology

Bredemeyer VAP

CA Solution Architecture Methodology

CSC Catalyst

Capgemini Integrated Architecture Framework (IAF)

Credit Suisse IT Solution Framework


Enterprise Solution Delivery (ESD)

GM System Delivery Process (SDP)

HP Global Method for IT Strategy and Architecture (HPGM for ITSA)

IBM Global Services Method

IBM Team Solution Design

IMPACT (TCS Architecture Development Methodology)

Intel AEPF

Intel IT Architecture Development Methodology (Intel IADM)

MSF Microsoft Solutions Framework

New Zealand Inland Revenue – IR Method

Rational Unified Process (RUP)

Raytheon Enterprise Architecture Process (REAP)

SUN Architect Implement and Manage (AIM)




Telstra Technology Delivery Process (TDP)

TelstraClear Infrastructure Lifecycle Process (ILP)

UPS Solution Architecture Process




0 thoughts on “Microsoft Solutions Framework (MSF) recognized by The Open Group’s ITAC as valid Architecture Framework”

  1. Mike, you might edit your title. You have used TOGAF (a registered TM of The Open Group) when you meant to use ITAC. TOGAF is The Open Group Architecture Framework, and remains neutral about other frameworks. Your article is correct and well done. Your title is misleading.


  2. The title of the blog is misleading
    The OpenGroup recognized MSF for achieving the ITAC certification
    That means that, when you apply for ITAC certification, what is important is that you used a good architecture framework, that does not need to be necessarily the Open Group framework (i.e. TOGAF)


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