Microsoft Enterprise Strategy Program

Mike Walker's Blog: Microsoft Enterprise Strategy Program

Some of you have asked about what I am doing these days at Microsoft. So I thought I would let you all know. I joined the Enterprise Strategy and Architecture Team back in November of last year to build a methodology and framework for how services delivers the Enterprise Strategy Program. For those that are interested below is the details of the program. It’s interesting and exciting work given that this is a new business for Microsoft.

The Enterprise Strategy Program

Enterprise Strategy Program, a business value focused executive-level service engagement led by an experienced Enterprise Architect. The Enterprise Strategy Program delivers the right knowledge, skills, and resources to help you realize the full value of your existing investment in Microsoft technologies to help meet your company’s business objectives.

The Enterprise Strategy Program consists of the following elements:

Mike Walker's Blog: Microsoft Enterprise Strategy Program


One key resource for the Enterprise Strategy Program is our outstanding network of subject matter experts—the Enterprise Strategy Network. These experts support your Enterprise Architect and provide rich insight on business and IT issues, proven techniques, and related experiences that extend across industries and geographies.

In addition to the Enterprise Strategy Network, your Enterprise Architect can tap into our extensive Enterprise Strategy Library. The library contains a broad inventory of architectures and tools, customizable solutions, and business value proof points. It is the keeper of methodologies, industry patterns, and analyses from a wide variety of experts. Library resources include academic papers from key partners, licensed external analyst reports on IT practices and trends, and internal pieces on strategic thought leadership.

With the Enterprise Strategy Network and Enterprise Strategy Library, your Enterprise Architect has access to a comprehensive set of Microsoft capabilities and will provide a most up to date view of the Microsoft enterprise product roadmap, enabling you to make more effective decisions regarding technology development and deployment.


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0 thoughts on “Microsoft Enterprise Strategy Program”

  1. Mike,
    Thanks for sharing the highlights. I am yet to browse the links for more info but a quick question: Does the Enterprise Strategy Network include your SI (vendor) partners too?


  2. Hi Mohan,
    Yes it does. And in many ways preserves the partner ecosystem that Microsoft is known for.
    Thanks for your question and if you need any more details let me know.


  3. Wow – I am sure its just amazing to be on the Enterprise Strategy and Architecture Team! In all my 15 years experience supporting Federal Architecture Programs as a CONSULTANT – almost all the contracts have had heavy operational focus with “very little” to architecture. Yet to find a a place/team to work with where innovations/transformations ideas/strategies that what AN Architect such as me would bring…
    So seeing there is once such initiative you are on to do just Enterprise Strategy and Architecture – sounds exciting. Congratulations!!


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